This morning we continued with the project of creating our classroom agreements.  The next step in the process was a class meeting to discuss an important question.  The question was “What will we need to make our classroom a safe and friendly place where everyone can learn?”  Every child answered this question and I wrote down all of their suggestions and thoughts on the whiteboard.  Here is a summary of what they all shared:

Be safe

Quiet place

People taking turns when they want to talk

Quiet space and fun

Raise your hand when you want to talk/share

Quiet place and free choice

Everyone to be a good friend and daily mindfulness

Speak clearly and concisely

No side conversations

More time for art and fun

Lots of read aloud time

Quiet classroom and PE

My friends to understand me

We also had our first visit to the garden.  For our lesson today we spent time exploring the garden and then we read a book under the tree.  It was quite warm so we decided as a class sitting under the tree was a good idea.  I read them the book “My Garden” by Kevin Henkes.


After the kinders went home we had a follow-up number talk from our question last week about Old MacDonald’s farm. The question for today was “If there are 12 legs in the barn, what animals could be inside?” I was impressed with all of the strategies and the ideas they came up with during our math talk.  We discussed how counting on can be a good strategy when you are adding larger numbers.

After lunch I began the process of assessing the first graders in reading.  We had a fun-filled day!