This morning we continued with our conversation about our hopes and dreams for the school year.  Our circle time question for our class meeting was “What are you most hoping you will get to do this year in school?”

This is what they all shared with me:

I hope we get to do the class play


Art time with Katie

Read books

Learn new stuff

Learn about math

Visits from Ron and the dogs and of course donuts

Learn about writers workshop

Math tiles

Field trips

Cooking during center time

Read and write poems

Mindfulness Lessons

Recess Time

Have fun and learn


Then we had recess time and our first Writers Workshop lesson.  We began our lesson with a discussion about what will we do in Writers Workshop.  Here is a list of what they came up with during our meeting:

We will read stories

We will write stories and make books

We will learn how to write and make books

It will be a quiet and peaceful time to write

Next came PE and our closing circle.  As a side note – our morning meetings and closing circles are running very smoothly this week.  It warmed my heart this morning to see the children sit knee to knee and shake each other hands and say good morning.  It is such a wonderful way to begin each day in Room 10.

After the kinders went home, the first graders had math time.  We had our first number talk.  We talked about what great problem solvers do when they are working on math equations.  The question we discussed today was “On Old Macdonald’s farm there was one chicken, one pig, and one spider.  How many legs were there in all?” We had a very lively discussion on what types of strategies we could use to solve this problem.  They all agreed they needed to learn new strategies beyond counting with their fingers.  After lunch time we had class read aloud and a whole group lesson on how to use the listening center.  After we listened to the story they drew a picture and wrote about their favorite part.  We had a very busy day!

The photos below are of the learners decorating the covers of their writers workshop folders!

Thimage image image image image