We had a wonderful first official “Katie Day”. We began our day with Morning Meeting, starting with a sharing activity and a song to reinforce our names. Then I told the class about my love of art and how we will be doing an art lesson most Fridays.

[For those of you new to our class, a little context….I have an art history background, having worked at the the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, an art magazine called Art & Auction and Christie’s auction house in London. For K/1, my art lessons focus on the main elements of art (color, form, line, shape, space and texture) and are often based on a specific artist. We learn about the artist, look at specific works and then create our own piece inspired by their style or specific artwork. The point is to be inspired by the artist, not do a direct copy. My hope is that everyone leaves our class feeling like an artist!]

For our first art lesson we read The Day the Crayons Quit, a silly book about disgruntled crayons. We discussed how to take care of our art supplies so they don’t quit on us! We learned how paintbrushes can have bad hair days or get “angry” if you don’t use enough water and how to use the “wipe-wash-wipe” technique to not accidentally mix paints. Then the learners decorated their art portfolios. These folders will hold their art creations throughout the year. To close art time we read “Sky Color” a book about thinking outside the box and being creative.

For math we came up with some agreements on how we will use the math manipulatives. Then we had a guided discovery of pattern blocks, playing with them and then discussing their qualities, how they interact, what we can do with them, etc…

Our closing circle involved an interactive writing prompt of something they particularly enjoyed the first week of school. What a busy week they had!

Our first grade time was spent exploring each other’s names. We talked about how many letters in our names, and did letter puzzles to spell our names and those of our fellow first graders.

We also did further work with pattern blocks, creating elaborate designs (samurai warriors, a disco mermaid and more!) and recording how many of each type of block used and how many total.

I look forward to a wonderful year with this class!

Please enjoy this gallery of pictures from our day. (Click on an individual picture to enlarge it. You can then scroll through.)