We had a very busy and fun-filled second day of school. We began our day with our morning meeting.  I described the goals and flow of our daily morning meeting on my blog post yesterday.  Please be sure to read it when you have a few minutes.

Then we took a class photo and individual photos with Amy Chin – Kiera’s grandmother.  She will be our classroom photographer for this school year.  Amy is an amazing photographer ,you are in for a real treat!

Then we had a class read aloud, snack time, and recess.  After recess we had a class meeting to learn all about our pencil boxes.  We carefully looked at and used every item in our pencil boxes.  Then we had PE time with Marty.  We ended our time with the kinders with our daily closing circle song at noon. I also posted the closing circle routine and goals with my blog post yesterday.

After the kinders went home we had first grade math time. We learned about how we will share our ideas during math time.  The learners will give me a thumbs up with their hand right in front of their chest.  I explained that we will do this, so everyone has their own “think time” and doesn’t feel pressured if they need more time to think than their neighbor.  Then we had lunch/recess. The first graders were very excited for their first 1st grade lunch time and recess.  After lunch recess we read aloud time.  The first book I am reading to them this year is  “LuLu and the Brontosaurus” by Judith Viorst.  The learners were very engaged and excited to hear the story.  Our next activity was our first writing time and we wrote about their favorite part of first grade.  We ended our day with free choice.

The word press app is having difficulty with posting photos right now.  I will e-mail the photos from today to our e-mail class list until this problem is solved.