We had our final PLP’s this week.  On Wednesday Addison presented a very informative and wonderful PLP on horses and  “Spence” her grandfather’s horse.  We learned lots of fun facts on how to feed and care for horses.   


Our next PLP was presented by Benton.  His topic was sleep, Benton did a wonderful job explaining the different stage of sleep – he did a great job on his PLP! 


Our third PLP on Wednesday was presented by Sadie – she gave a very informative presentation on camping.  Sadie shared all of her knowledge about camping and the equipement needed for camping.  Great job Sadie!  


On Thursday  Julia gave her wonderful PLP on rocks.  She gave a wonderful presentation about rocks and she ended her PLP by giving each learner a bag of special roccks!  Thank you Julia!  


Our last PLP for the school year was presented by Aidan.  Aidan gave a very informative PLP on Egyptian gods and goddesss. He truly captured his audience with his fun facts about Egypt.  


I was also wanted to shared some photos of our last first grade math time on Thursday.   


We also gave Erica a thank you gift and card for helping us each afternoon during first grade time.  Here is a photo of our last first grade time with Erica!   

Katie and the children made me a most precious shopping bag decorated with butterflies — it is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you to Katie and the children of room 10!   


I also wanted to post a picture of the precious heart shaped photo collage – the end of year gift to Katie  and Colleen!  Thank you room 10 parents!