Wow, has this year flown by! I can’t believe there is only one more official “Katie Day” left in the school year. I will be with the class on Tuesday but Colleen will be working for me on the last day of school so I can spend the day at my children’s school where they have portfolio day, which is basically our Learner Exhibition, the Class Play and other performances, all in one day.

My last few days with the class have been wonderful. Highlights have been three PLPs, each amazing in their own ways. Catherine came in and explained how she and her friends took advantage of a snow-less Tahoe by creating a movie together. She showed us the trailer and a scene and explained the process. It was truly an action-packed thriller! Jace spoke about rocks and minerals and wowed us with a look at a rock collection under blue light. And today was Anoushka’s PLP on meditation. She shared with us how she is inspired by meditation and has realized there are no books by children on meditation. So she decided to write her own! She led the class in some of the guided meditations she has written and the class greatly enjoyed doing them. It was truly wonderful.

Today we enjoyed the special moment of letting our butterflies go in the garden. First we read the beautiful book A Butterfly is Patient and then we went outside and opened the container. There’s nothing sweeter than the ooh’s and aah’s as young children watch butterflies fly into the open sky.

In the afternoon the first graders visited the second grade classrooms for a tour by a 2nd grader, a Q and A and to hear a book the classes made about their classrooms.

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