IMG_2839This week we had several PLP’s.  Sophia gave a very informative presentation on salamanders.  She even had a live salamander for all of us to see after her PLP.   


Layla’s PLP was on photography.  She gave us a very detailed presentation on how to take photos and how to use a camera.  She also had a nice poster of photos that she had taken.   


Molly’s PLP was on Amelia Earhart.  Molly gave a very informative presentation about Amelia Earhart’s life and her passion of flying airplanes.    She ended her PLP with a question and answer game about Amelia Earhart.   

Josh’s PLP was on Monster Trucks.  Josh gave a wonderful presentation all about Monster Trcuks. He had a very detailed poster board with pictures and facts about these amazing trucks.  


Jace’s PLP was on rocks and minerals.  Jace gave a wonderful PLP about his collections of rocks and minerals.  He also shared all of his crystals and rocks with the learners.   


On Thursday we had our first class play rehearsal in full costume.  The children truly came alive on stage during our rehearsal.  As I watched them perform it made me feel  so at peace and proud to see them so excited and engaged as they belted out their lines.   They are all truly amazing!!!