We had a fabulous field trip to AT&T Park!  Our day began with an exciting train ride to SF and then we walked over to AT&T Park.  Then we all enjoyed a snack outside the park before we met up with our tour guide.   

Our adventure inside the park began with a geometry lesson that took place  inside the SF Giants Press Room.  Linda our wonderful guide gave an informative lesson about the different geometric shapes inside the ball park. We learned about the triangle, circle, trapezoid, pentagon, rectangle, and square.  We also got to see several lovely photos of famous SF Giant baseball players.    


Then we had an amazing behind the scenes tour of AT&T Park!  We had the opportunity to see and experience:

the visiting team locker room

 the practice batting cage  

the dug-out 

the 5th floor “view” seating level

the special 3rd floor Club seating  level
Then we all enjoyed lunch  before  we took the train back home! Thank you to our chaperones and  field trip coordinators for your support with our end of year milestone!