We  had a very busy week in Room 10.  We continued researching and writing about our non-fiction book topics.  This week the children learned about the habitat and the type of food that their animal eats.        


On Thursday we began our day with our first PLP for this school year.  Sabrina did an amazing job teaching us  about Kung Fu.  She gave a short presentation about the history of Kung Fu and then she taught us a few Kung Fu moves.   


The next PLP was done by Leila.  She gave a wonderful presentation about American Sign Language.  She  also taught us how to sign the following phrase – “my class is awesome.”  


After our two PLP’s we had math tiles and cooking time with Jenny.  This week the children made delicious vegetarian stir-fry with tofu, broccoli, and cauliflower – yummy!   

After PE we had another very successful class play rehearsal.  Our class play is really coming along – you are in for a real treat on the evening of May 26!!