Happy Mother’s Day!  I plan to spend Mother’s day with my three precious children.  Nolan was actually born on Mother’s Day 23 years ago.  Tomorrow night we will celebrate Nolan’s birthday and Mother’s Day at the Mountain House Restaurant in Woodside.


On Monday during center time we had a follow-up lesson about the strawberry DNA extraction.  We revisited   what we had learned from Jen last Thursday during her amazing lesson on DNA.  We also had a wonderful science lesson with our parent volunteers about the life cycle of a frog.  

 On Tuesday we had specials and music time with Ruth.  Then after recess we began to discuss which animals they would  each like to choose for their non-ficiton book topics.   

On Wednesday we began our day with our poem of the week about the letter “v.”  Then we made our May calendars.  We also had our fourth class play rehearsal.    



On Thursday we began our day with math tiles and cooking.  For cooking the children  made homemade apple pie.  Their individual pies looked delicious – thank you Jenny!   

            The children also chose  their non-fiction book topics.  Each learner will be creating a non-fiction  about their favorite animal.  They will learn and write about their animal’s habitat and diet, as well as four fun facts.  

We ended our day with another wonderful  class play rehearsal!!!