We had a special time in the garden on Monday morning.  We haven’t been in the garden for the past several weeks due to field trips and and our unit of study lessons.  The children were very happy to be back in the garden again.  For the next three weeks (minus spring break ) our garden lessons will be about creating and writing our self-portrait seed stories.  For our first activity we read a wonderul book about how seeds travel and eventually grow into a plant, or tree.  Then we went to the garden, so they could decide what type of seed they wanted to be – I told them it could be an “imaginary seed or a real seed”.  Some of their ideas were:

cherry seed

apple seed

candy seed

peach seed

sunflower seed

persimmon seed

acorn seed

tulip seed









After our garden lesson Ron came to celebrate Ginger’s 11th birthday.  He also connected with each learner about their ideas, and wishes for their class play character.  It was so precious to hear them share what they want to be in the class play.  Ron listened very attentively to all of their thoughts and hopes for the class play.  He took detailed notes and he plans to use their ideas as he somehow creates and writes the 2015 Class Play.