Monday morning began with Slingerland handwriting time for the kinders and unit study on our sense of touch for the first graders.  The kinders learned how to write the letters r and u. We have now learned 20 lowercase slingerland letters.  At 9:30 we switched groups – the kinders had unit study and the first graders had a phonics lesson about the long and short “i” vowel sound with me.  


After recess the children read their “just right” books while I gathered all the Leprechaun Trap supplies.  Once everything was set-up and ready to go, it was Leprechaun Trap creation time.  I wish you could have seen the children in action.  They were all working diligently trying to create a trap that could catch the very clever CLC Leprechaun.  Fun was had by all!!!! 

The children worked in small groups to create the traps.  Here are some photos of the completed traps!  

After lunch for first grade time, we had guided reading in our newly formed guided reading groups.  We also wrote letters to the Leprechaun and we listened to a story at the listening center. Monday was a very busy day! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The leperchaun was certainly very active and mischievous in our classroom last night.  When the children arrived at school this morning, they were beyond excited to see all that the leprechaun had done in room 10 while we were all sleeping.  Enjoy the photos!


One last photo – After recess we had a fun music lesson with our amazing music educator Ruth!