The past few Katie Days we have been finishing up our geometry unit and starting measurement. In geometry we focused on 2D and 3D shapes and their attributes. We played “Guess My Rule” with shape cards to see what the different shapes had in common and how they differed, all while using our new vocabulary including “sides”, “angles” and “vertices”. We investigated 3D shapes by seeing which are able to slide, which roll and which can be stacked. Equipped with toothpicks and tiny balls of clay, we also built all the shapes we learned about.

For measurement we learned how to measure and started some activities including everyone’s favorite: measuring each other with unifix cubes. We brainstormed different strategies for counting such large towers of cubes. Should we count each cube? Break them into groups of 10? Count by 2s? An informed math discussion ensued.

For art we made shape watercolors by stamping different shapes in black paint then blending watercolors to fill in the shapes. We also learned about Paul Klee and how he used simple shapes to create compositions. Then we used triangles, squares and circles to make our own Klee-like architectural compositions based on his masterpiece Castle and Sun.

In first grade time we started learning about telling time and have been exploring the connections between subtraction and addition by looking at number fact families. We also have been reading some folktales. For example, we read the Japanese folktale The Boy From the Dragon Palace and compared it to another wish story, the Middle Eastern tale Joha Makes a Wish. Because these books were new to everyone, we also worked on our inferring and predicting skills.

Enjoy these pictures from our last few Katie days, including our shape building, a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration with Sabrina and her mom Grace, some first grade math time and the measurement activity.