On Wednesday we had our wonderful field trip to the Gulf of Farallones Institutue in San Francisco.  Our day was filled with exploring and learning detailed facts about the beach, bay, and ocean.  The learners had the opportunity to watch a star fish eat squid while we toured the museum area.  The children also explored the beach and collected rocks, shells, and sand crabs.  This field trip was by far one of my most favorite trips this school year.  Thank you to our chaperones and drivers for supporting us on Wednesday.  The photos are lovely, as you can see from the pictures the weather was perfect!   

On Thursday morning  we had our regular center time.  The kinders had math tiles, and a review lesson of all the  slingerland letters we have learned this year. The first graders had math tiles and cooking.  For cooking this week,  the first graders made green eggs and ham in celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday last week.  

Then Ron came for a surprise visit right before recess time.  He read the children the book   “Alfred’s Nose” and he changed the name and storyline to “Hazel’s Nose.”  As you can tell from the photos the children loved his story and visit.