This week during 1st grade math time in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, we had a math activity to learn about measurement.  First I read the learners “The Foot Book” by Dr. Seuss. Then each child measured the length of their foot with unifix cubes, paper clips, and pennies.  They had lots of fun!

Ron came for a visit after lunch for a special math time with the 1st graders.  He played a   math game with the children that he had created  to help them learn their math facts to 20.  As you can tell from the photos they were truly engaged and excited to play his math game.   


On Thursday we had cooking time with Jenny  and math tiles with our other wonderful parent volunteers.  For cooking this week the children made tortilla french toast.   I wanted to give Jenny a special thank you for  creating  such fun and engaging cooking lessons each week.  The children truly LOVE cooking time  – thank you Jenny!