Our day began with a special visit from Robyn Stein.  Robyn is a former student, she was in room 10 for K,1,2.  She is currently a 6th grader at CLC.  She visited our classroom this morning to share her ROPES Project with the children.  For her ROPES project she created and wrote her own fairy tale titled “A Journey Through Never Land.”  Robyn’s story was very well written and it captivated the children’s imagination.   It was quite special for me to have Robyn share her story with the children.  I still remember Robyn on her first day of kindergarten.  

Then we had math tiles and cooking. For cooking – the learners cooked delicious zucchini quesadillas in the garden.  The quesadilla recipe came from the book I read to the children about the history of gardens in the White House.  It was fun for the children to create, cook, and eat a recipe from the White House garden book. 

Then we prepared for our field trip to Mi Ranchito  to learn about our sense of taste and to practice our spanish by ordering our meal in spanish.  Elena came just before our departure to help the learners practice how to order their lunch in spanish.  They had three meal choices – taco, burrito, or quesdilla.  The children had such a lovely time on the field trip.  They were very polite and kind in the restuarant.  They all waited patiently for their meal to be served once it had been ordered.  Thank you to the parent volunteers for driving on this field trip.

After lunch the first graders enjoyed three actvities, while I worked on completing individual assessments in preparation for our upcoming progress report cards.  They had a phonics lesson with Erica, listened to a story at the listening center, and played a fun math game to work on addition and subtraction facts to 20.