On Monday morning we had our regular center time schedule.  For our unit of study on our Five Senses we learned about our sense of sound.  The children went on a “listening walk” around campus.  While the 1st grade had science, the kinders had slingerland writing time with me. We learned about two vowels – e and o.  Then we switched groups and the 1st graders had a great phonics lesson with me on spelling patterns.  

After recess we had our weekly garden lesson.  We finished reading a wonderful book titled ” First Garden” which is a very detailed story about every garden at the White House since the early 1800’s.  Since we are celebrating Lincoln and Washington’s birthday during the month of February, I thought it was a timely story to read to the children.  Tomorrow Jenny will be cooking with the learners in the garden with a recipe from the book.  


This morning we learned about the letter “i.”  The poem about the letter i was quite special and the children loved the detailed picture that was about the poem.  We learned that the letter “i” is in many words, but very few words actually start with the letter “i.”   

Today for writers workshop we had our next lesson on opinion writing.  It included another lively and fun discussion about things that we “like.”  I made a class list of things that we “like” and it included these five different  categories: toys, places, foods, books, and animals.  After our discussion they each made a book of three things that they like.