The past few Katie Days we have been focusing on the sense of touch. We started with a lesson in which the learners felt various materials (such as feathers and pods from a liquid amber tree) hidden in paperbags. They wrote descriptive words for the items and tried to guess what the items were. Our list of adjectives was extensive — and creative — with such words as prickly, sharp, fuzzy, smooshy, cozy, cushy, pokey, velvety, liquidy, hairy, ridgey.

We continued with an art lesson on texture in which we made “texture sandwich” collages out of various materials.In art this week we got our hands dirty with some terra cotta clay. I love clay for its multi-sensory and tactile properties. For this lesson we read a book called The Pot That Juan Built about Juan Quezada, a Mexican artist who makes pots in the style of his ancestors and who turned his tiny town into a thriving artist community. Then we made coil pots similar to the ones described in the book.

In math we have been doing some challenging money centers. We identified coins, talked about their attributes and found the values of groups of coins.

This afternoon the first graders enjoyed a special treat when last year’s first graders came to visit our classroom to read their personal narratives with the class. It was such a special moment to have last year’s class reunited and to see how much pleasure they took from hearing each other’s stories.

Enjoy these pictures of our textile sandwiches, coil pots, 2nd grade visit and more!