Garden Time
On Monday we had a wonderful lesson in the garden about seed saving. First I read the children the book “A Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle. Then we had a very lively discussion about why seed saving is important. Here is a list of some of what we discussed:
Seed saving is important because…
– without seeds no one could live on the earth
– we can’t grow things without seeds
– without seeds we would have nothing to eat
– without seeds nothing would grow so there would be no oxygen
– the soil would not be healthy
– if we don’t save seeds once the plant dies it would be gone for forever


On Tuesday we had a writers workshop lesson about punctuation. We read a “big book” and looked at all the different forms of punctuation in the story. Then we had a class discussion and made a list on the whiteboard and answered this question “What is punctuation?” Here is some of what we discussed:
– it is a question mark, and a comma
– it is a period at the end of a sentence
– it tells you how to read certain words
– it helps the reader to understand what you are saying
– it is an exclamation point
– it is quotation marks

After our class meeting the children had time to write stories during writers workshop. The assignment was to include different forms of punctuation in their story.








First Grade Language Arts
After lunch on Monday and Tuesday we continued with our guided reading groups, and phonics lessons. Here are two photos of the children during LA time.



For 1st grade math we have had several number talks about the 10 more or 10 less rule. The children have developed some very strong strategies of how to add or subtract 10 from any given number. Here is a photo of a number talk that we had on Monday about the 10 more or 10 less rule.


This morning we wrote in our writers portfolios. The topic for this month was learning how to express an opinion in our writing. Our prompt was “I recommend Mo Willems’ books because…” I have been reading the children Mo Willem books all year, so this was a fun writing prompt for the learners.
Here is a list of some of the ideas that they shared about why they recommend his books:
– they are interesting
– they are fun to read
– they are funny
– they teach Gerald (the elephant) new words
– they have many different forms of punctuation
– they are fun for new readers
– they let your mind travel







After recess we played a fun math game learning about the value of a penny and a nickel. The first graders had fun teaching the kinders how to play this game since we had played it last week. The learners were all very excited and engaged in this activity.