This morning we had a wonderful lesson about Martin Luther King. I read the children the book “March On! The day my brother changed the world” by Christine King Farris. This is a wonderful book written by MLK’s sister. She tells the story from her perspective about the day MLK gave his “I have a dream” speech. I have the CD that goes along with the book which has Christine King Farris reading the book out loud. It is a very moving story and it is even more moving to hear the story read out loud by Christine King Farris.


After the story we had a class meeting about MLK. Here is the list of what the children shared during our class meeting.
Martin Luther King –
– He changed the world
– he knew how to be peaceful
– he wanted us to treat all people equally
– he knew that everyone had the right to do what they wanted to do
– he worked all night on his “I have a dream” speech
– his dream was that all people would be treated equally

After our class discussion I shared that for our garden lesson today we would be writing down our dreams/wishes for 2015 on pieces of cloth and then hanging them up on the fence in the garden. I asked them to try and use one to three words to desrcibe what their wish/dream was for 2015. Here is a list of the dreams/wishes for room 10:
– happiness
– everyday is a better day
– peace
– calm
– peaceful world
– people are happy
– a world filled with wonder
– families love one another
– the world has less fighting
– more happiness
– the earth to have more love
– mindfulness