On Friday we had a most wonderful gift exchange. it was so precious for me to watch the children give and receive their gifts. We live in a society that tends to place so much attention on buying “new” materials goods and it was so refreshing for me to see the children excited to receive a gift from their classmate that was homemade. It reminded me that what truly matters in life is the simple things, like homemade cookies, a hand painted frame, or a fairy house made out of recycled household items. Thank you for your support with this project, it has become such a treasured activity each December.




Santa Lucia was once again absolutely beautiful! The children were adorable, and seeing them walk into the gym with their candles was priceless! Thank you again for all of your support!

I wish you all a peaceful and relaxing winter break! My three children are home, I feel so grateful to just have them under one roof for a week. I plan to truly treasure this time with my family.