Hi everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful day at the Winter Celebration. I’m sorry I missed it, I was attending a similar event at my daughters’ school. As my younger daughter’s class sang a song called “Things I am Thankful For” I thought about how lucky I am to work with Colleen and our class. I wish you all a wonderful break!

Here’s a quick posting about what we’ve been doing the last few “Katie Days”. We have been very busy gearing up for the holidays: we made the holiday twig ornaments, created a homemade gift for Colleen, even practiced for Santa Lucia in the rain. In math we’ve been focusing on the combinations to 10, playing “Make 10 Go Fish”,  “Make Ten Concentration” and other fun games.

We also read one of my favorite winter book’s Hedgie’s Surprise by Jan Brett and made predictions and worked on our retelling skills. We also read The Mitten, another Jan Brett book, and compared the two stories both in plot and illustrations. Then we made pictures of mittens using cool colors for the backgrounds and warm colors for the mittens. In art we also made snowmen pictures showing the perspective of snowmen looking up at the snowy sky.

First graders have been doing some sight word activities and a place value game with popsicle sticks having 10 or 1 dots on it. They toss 10 sticks and figure out their number and if it is larger or smaller than their partner’s number.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break and I look forward to a great 2015 with our wonderful class!

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