The past few Katie Days our centers have been focused on probability. First we discussed such terms as certain, possible, more likely, probable, less likely and impossible. Then we did some coin flipping activities. In one activity we used tally marks to total how many heads and tails we tossed, in another we predicted and graphed which we would toss more of, heads or tails. Through our activities we learned that the odds the coin will land on heads is 1 out of 2 possibilities (we learned one can also say 1 out of 2, or 50% of the time because 50 out of 100 is the same as 1 out of 2.) We also discussed if your odds change, depending on your previous flips. For example, do your chances change if you’ve just rolled 5 heads in a row?

We also did some work on probability with dice. Learners worked with one dot dice, figuring out all the possible rolls and the probability of rolling each number. Then we moved on to two 1-6 dice. We did an activity where they added two dice together and graphed what they rolled. We discussed which numbers were the most likely to roll and which were less likely, and which were impossible. When you roll two dice, are you more likely to get a 2 or 12 or a 7 or 8?

For art we’ve moved on from our study of color, to look at the concept of line. We brainstormed a list of all different types of lines (horizontal, vertical, curly, angled, spiral, curved, zig-zag, thick, thin, dashed, perpendicular and more!). Then we made line compositions with glue, sprinkled salt on top then dripped primary colored watercolors on the salt lines. The learners loved seeing the color travel along the lines and merge together to make secondary colors.

We also did a spin art activity for Thanksgiving. If it’s one thing kindergarteners and first graders love, it’s spin art! Come visit our spin art turkeys on the bulletin board 🙂

Enjoy this gallery of our recent art projects and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!