Time for an update on our last few Katie Days:

On Halloween we started the day with some fun Halloween-themed math centers. One center was a candy corn matching game where learners had to match a nominal number with its representation in tally marks, number of dots and the number written out.  We also had an estimation station, where we estimated the circumference of a pumpkin and estimated and counted how many candy corn or pumpkin seeds in a jar. We also did some measurement using interlocking cubes to measure the height and compare the weights of various gourds. We also made a Day of the Dead calaveras from a painted cork.

The rest of the day included the Halloween parade and carnival. It is always so fun to see how helpful and excited the older learners are on this day. Whether it’s clapping and high-fiving as we paraded by their classrooms or helping the younger learners with the carnival activities, the older learners are always so supportive. Many thanks to the all the parents (and aunt!) that helped out on Halloween.

On other previous Katie Days we have been focusing on symmetry. We made designs with pattern blocks and colored symmetrical butterflies. For art we read about Day of the Dead and made symmetrical calaveras faces. We also made positive/negative symmetrical pumpkins. We also have been continuing our work on collecting data and graphing our results. For example, we graphed how we will carve our pumpkin: silly, happy, sad or scary and answered questions about the results.

Lastly I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow Kim Holte will be with the children. I will be travelling to Arizona to spend a long weekend with my sister and mom to celebrate my mom’s 75th birthday. Kim is an expert substitute and when I told the children that she will be in on Friday I even heard a few of them say “Yessss!” 🙂

I posted some Halloween pictures last week, but here are some photos from the other recent Katie Days: