Writers Workshop Unit of Study for the month of November: How to read and write like a writer
In this unit we will study how to read and write like a writer. I will share many examples with them from my own life of how I read like a writer. I will also read them many books and we will talk about how when we read we can get ideas for our own stories. We will make several lists of all of our ideas. We will also continue to work on their personal narratives/small moments. The project/process of writing about a “small moment” will be completed by the end of November. Please note that in Kindergarten many of their stories will be mainly expressed through detailed pictures.

Social Studies Unit of Study Families – October to Mid-December
Enduring understandings:
All families are different.
Families are a connected group of people who care about one another.
We respect all different types of families, their beliefs, and values.

Essential Questions:
What is a family?
How are families similar and different to one another?
What are my family history and traditions?

Learners will know and understand
What constitutes a family
Family routines and activities
Families have similarities and differences
Their own family history
That the world is made up of different types of families

Learners will be able to
Investigate and explain the characteristics of their family.
How they live
Analyze and respect the similarities and differences between their own family and others.

Readers Workshop Unit of Study – November to December – Readers think and talk about books to develop ideas

Readers will learn:

how to retell story
how to envision, predict, and make connections with books
how to monitor comprehension
how to work on comprehension challenges
Phonics Lessons from Pinnell and Fountas for November
These lessons are taught each afternoon during our first grade language arts time. The lessons are taught in a systematic order to support the children in reading and writing through-out the school year.
The topics that will be covered during November are: (although this a rough schedule depending on how the lessons go each week, sometimes we may need more/less time for a certain lesson)
Learning letter names and sounds (alphabet wall)
Exploring syllables (name graph)
Saying words slowly to predict letter sequence (words in a sentences)
Changing the first letter of a word (magnetic letters)
Hearing ending sounds (picture lotto)
Unit of Study in Math – November/December: Number and Operations in Base Ten – First Grade
We study and learn how to count and write our numbers up 120. We will begin to work on understanding place value up to 100. We will also study how to compare numbers using the less than, more than, and equals symbols. Then we will move onto learning how to add within 100 including two-digit numbers.

Unit of Study in Math – November/December: Counting and Cardinality – Kindergarten
We will begin to learn how to count to 100 by ones and tens. We will also begin to learn how to write our numbers from 0 to 20. This will also include learning how to count and tell the number of objects within a group. Then we will start to explore how to compare numbers. Please note that we will continue to work on these concepts throughout year in all areas of mathematics.