We have continued with our daily mindfulness lessons. It has been a slow and gradual process but our mindfulness lesson on Wednesday made me realize we are all making progress and growing as a class. For the month of September we have been concentrating on our breath, breathing in and breathing out. We have learned the spiderman, dolphin, crocodile, and butterfly breath. It is pretty amazing, but just doing the breathing exercises has helped all of us to calm down and be more settled in our bodies. Just remembering to take a deep breath is such an important skill in life. On Wednesday after we rang our bell for the beginning of our lesson, I opened my eyes. (as a practice we all close our eyes when we are being mindful) I looked around the circle and every child had there eyes closed and they were concentrating on their breath. I was quite taken back by it, to realize that 5 and 6 year olds can learn how to be mindful was such a gift for me. I thought to myself if I can somehow give them all the gift of a daily mindfulness practice then I have done something to help make our world a better place. It was certainly a special moment for me.

I have a special book that I read each night before I go to sleep and the quote on Wednesday night was, “Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.” Life has a way of teaching us lessons all the time. I read the children this quote during our mindfulness lesson on Thursday and I shared with the children that they are learning a skill that some adults never learn how to do all their lives. I feel so blessed to be learning and growing each day with your precious children. Thank you for sharing them with me!


On Wednesday we made our October calendars. The learners were so excited to make their October calendar because it meant that Halloween was only 30 days away. On Thursday afternoon we completed our October calendar by making the pumpkin artwork on the top portion of their calendar. Here are some photos of their precious creations.









On Thursday we had our first center time – math tiles and cooking. Math tiles are one of the wonderful activities that we do each week during center time. It is a great math activity because it allows every child to be working at their own pace and they progress to the next level at their own speed. The math tiles begin with developing number sense and move onto much more complex addition and subtraction problems. Math tiles are generally one of the favorite activities for the learners each week.

We also had our first cooking lesson for the school year. The kinder made “fruit people” out of all types of fresh fruit. As you will see in the photos, they all had a great time. The cooking plan for the school year is each group will cook every other week. For week one the the kinders will cook and have math tiles. The first graders will have a phonics lesson with Colleen and math tiles. On week two the kinders will have math tiles and slingelrand with Colleen and the first graders will cook and have math tiles.