While Colleen was on her amazing Hike for a Cure, we have been busy in Room 10!

In math we have been concentrating on number formation and some dice games. First we went over how to form our numbers (always starting at the top!) and then we made math books with different ways to represent our numbers to 10. We also played some math games involving rolling dice, adding them and tracing the number. We had a variety of dice games depending on where the learner is mathematically. For kindergarteners this might mean counting each dot on the dice and finding that number on the game board. First graders might automatically know the dice dot patterns and have their addition facts to 12 memorized, so these learners played a three addend math game.

We also made some class literature-based math books. One was based on The Right Number of Elephants, a book that explores reasonable numbers. (For example, “If you suddenly need to pull a train out of a tunnel then the right number of elephants is 10” but “If it’s a fast game of cards you want, then the right number of elephants is 3.”) Learners then created their own illustrated sentences of “right numbers”. Some of the learners’ examples were “The right number of flowers in a garden is 20” and “The right number of candles in the sky at Hogwarts traffic is 100.”

The other book we made was based on Dr. Seuss’s 10 Apples Up on Top. We made drawings with 10 apples, some green and some red and talked about all the different combinations to 10. Then I asked how do we clearly represent our data? While making a graph we noticed the patterns and realized we missed a few combinations. In the afternoon the first graders expanded this lesson by talking about all the different combinations 15 with the problem I have 15 blue and yellow crayons, how many of each could I have?

In art we have been working on our self portraits. We read a few books on color theory, talking about the color wheel and cool and warm colors. Learners then made backgrounds for their self portraits with overlapping tissue, and made self portraits in watercolor and sharpie. Come check out the final products, they’re hanging in the back of the room!

Today we enjoyed our first day of Specials.  This is a very unique program at CLC and run by amazing parent volunteers. This year we have a wonderful set of classes including Salmon, Science, Robotics, Crafts, Math in Art, Take Apart and Don’t Let the Pigeon Lead the Special. Learners will rotate through each and every subject, staying with each Special for a four-week session.

On a side note, we are still looking for volunteers to help with Specials.  If you are available Tuesday mornings 8:30-9:45, either every week or sporadically, please contact leigh.casamento@gmail.com who has been working very hard to fill all the spots.

Please enjoy these photos from our last few Katie days. They include pictures of our self portraits, our math work, a first grade mini dance party and Spanish time.