Yesterday morning we celebrated being at school for over 10 days with the book 10 Black Dots. Then we made a class book with each child making a page using black circle stickers. Some examples were, “10 black dots make a monster covered in coal” or “5 black dots make sunflowers in the garden.” Our morning was also filled with the excitement of lice checks, our first birthday celebration and a visit from the Reading Bug for a read-aloud and to tell us about Judith Viorst’s upcoming visit.

For art we started a multimedia self-portrait project and learned about the term “abstract”. Last week we learned about taking care of the watercolors including how to avoid an “angry” brush and how to “wipe-wash-wipe” in between colors. We also read a silly book called Too Much Glue. Then we decorated our portfolios.

Last Friday morning was spent with a lesson on classifying and sorting. First we read Apples and Oranges: Going Bananas with Pairs, in which the author asks how two objects are alike. For example: How are a cupcake and an ice cream cone alike? Yet the answers are not what you expect. The learners loved the silly answers. For example, for the cupcake and ice cream cone question, the answer is “They both don’t scuba dive.” Or, “How are a starfish and an octopus alike? They both don’t knit.” We had fun figuring out how these things are the same and how they are different. At the end of the book we partnered up with someone and figured out ways we are the same and ways we are different. Then it was off to centers in which the learners sorted a variety of objects (shells, buttons, coins, plastic bugs, etc…) by their attributes, including size, shape, texture, type and color. We also played “guess my rule” where someone would sort the items and the others would have to guess what their categories were. Some creative sorting included emergency vehicles and non-emergency vehicles, hot rods and normal cars, buttons with two holes and buttons with more than two holes.

During first grade time we have been focusing on a making words activity and working on a “time capsule” of sorts. Learners did a bunch of measurement activities such as measuring how tall they are, how long their foot is, how long their hair is and the circumference of their head. Then we predicted what these things would measure in June. We will remeasure at the end of the year to see how accurate our predictions were!

Enjoy this gallery of last two Fridays: