Dear Families,
I wish you all a peaceful weekend. Last Friday Ron’s uncle died and his memorial service is on Saturday in Oregon. Tomorrow afternoon Ron, Anton, and I will be driving to OR, so we can attend the service on Saturday. On Sunday morning we will make the long drive back home to CA.

I look forward to seeing your children on Monday morning!

This morning we had our first writers portfolio lesson. Every few weeks the learners will write in their writers portfolios to a prompt that I choose. Our prompt for today was “My favorite part of Kindergarten is…. “or “My favorite part of First Grade is…” We made a list during circle time of what they felt was important to remember when they were writing in their writers portfolio. The attached photos are of their work and the list.













After recess Ron came for his second visit to our classsroom. He tries to come once a week to read to the children. Today as a special treat he also brought them donuts. He will usually bring them donuts maybe three or four times during the school year. They are only allowed to have a quarter of a donut after they eat their regular snack. During his visit he read them a special book titled “If You Give A Dog A Donut.” The learners loved this story. Ron also LOVES to tell them mischief stories about our two dogs. Last week our precious dog Hazel got into a fight with a skunk and needless to say she lost that battled. Ron shared every detail of that story with the children this morning. They were truly engaged during his entire visit!



Mindfulness in Room 10!
This week we had our first mindfulness lessons. Over the next month we will be learning how to be quiet in our minds and bodies for 2 to 3 minutes. During this time we will be learning how to pay attention to our breath. We will begin each mindfulness lesson with the ringing of our Tibetan bell. I have found that just hearing the sound of that bell helps the children calm down. After our lessons this week I asked them what it felt like to be “quiet” for a few minutes. Here is a list of some of the words that they used to describe what mindfulness felt like to them:

It is such a gift for me to share mindfulness with your precious children. I am really looking forward to the days and months ahead as we grow as a class in our mindfulness practice.
Each afternoon after lunch during first grade language arts I read to the learners for 10 to 15 minutes. The book I am currently reading is “Charlotte’s Web.” The children treasure this time each day. While I read to them they are allowed to rest quietly on the rug. I think I enjoy reading to them as much as they enjoy hearing the story. I took this photo this afternoon after we finished our story time.