Today was our tenth day of school! We used the base ten blocks to count by ones up 10 and then we traded our ten ones for a 10s rod. Each day this year we will count how many days we have been in school. By the time we reach our 100th day of school the children will have learned how many sets of ten are in one hundred.

September Calendars

This morning we made our September calendars after our morning meeting. The artwork for the top of the calendars are hand painted sunflowers. We used potatoes for the center of the sunflowers.






Our Classroom Story

We have been working on a classroom book for the past few days. I read the learners the book “If You Take A Mouse To School” on Tuesday. Then each child made up a title and tile page for their own book using this phrase “If You Take A Mouse To ______” Here is a list of their titles:





After recess we re-read the book “If You Take A Mouse To School” and then decided to write/create our own story. Our title is “If You Take A Mouse To The Garden.” The attached photo is what we wrote together as a class during circle time.