This morning Ron came for a special good-bye visit for the school year. He read them the book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss. Yesterday at our nephews graduation they read this book and he turned to me at the ceremony and said, “I want to read that book to the children for my last visit with them on Friday.” He also brought them donuts as special treat. He ended his story time visit with a hug for each child. I could tell by their good-bye hugs that the first graders have grown very fond of him over the past two years. The kinders were quite excited to point out that they still had another year to go with visits from Ron.









Our final full week of school was busy!

Monday – we began our day with center time, for science we learned about leaves and for slingerland we learned our last four uppercase letters. We have now learned all of our lower and upper case letters in slingerland. After center time we had our field trip to my house for the Teddy Bear Picnic.

Wednesday – we had our final math tiles center for the school year. We also had our magic book lesson on the letter w. During our garden time lesson we read a special book about butterflies and then the learners had time to be quiet and reflect on our time in the garden this year.

Thursday – we started our day with the “Wise Enchanter” and learned about the letter X and then the children had their last spanish lesson. After recess the kinders had cooking and decorated pretzels with yummy treats. Next came PE time with Marty, it was a busy day!

Friday – We started the day with four PLP’s and then they had their last PE class with Marty. After recess was their special visit with Ron. We ended our morning with our magic books and we learned about the very special yak who loved to say YES!