The past few Katie days have been busy. We’ve been doing math assessments, end-of-year phonics lessons and, of course, lots of art projects before the school year ends!

In math we finished up some work with word problems and strategies for multi-step problems. First graders were introduced to fractions. I first wrote the fractions 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 on the board and asked which fraction of a cookie would they prefer to have. Hands immediately shot up when I pointed to 1/8. After much discussion and a lesson including paper cookies, we ended with the same question and everyone agreeing that 1/2 a cookie is better than an 1/8!

For art we made a weaving project and a collage project based on Henri Matisse. The collages are based on the cut-out collages of Matisse. We learned about how he spent the last 17 years of his life doing cut-outs, as his health prohibited him from continuing to paint. We also studied his Chapelle du Rosaire, built and designed by the artist with beautiful abstract stained glass designs.

On Friday Alana’s mom Cassie came in to show us how to make seaweed prints, an art form she began doing after seeing some on a field trip last year! We were amazed at the varying shapes, textures and colors of the seaweed. It was hard choosing just a few pieces for our work!

Today the learners, PRT reps and I surprised Colleen with a mini birthday celebration. The big day isn’t until the end of the month but we wanted to squeeze in a quick celebration of her summer birthday. Here is link to a video I made for Colleen interviewing the children about what makes her such a special teacher. Enjoy!

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for such a wonderful year. It has been such a joy to teach your children this year! I feel so lucky to be part of the CLC community. Colleen and I swapped a day a while back so that I could attend an event at my daughter’s school this Friday. So I won’t see them the end of this week but I look forward to celebrating the year with them on the last day of school!