Dear Families,
I am looking forward to seeing you tonight!

Please make sure you send your learner to school on Monday, June 2 with a stuffy for our Teddy Bear Picnic. The learners are allowed to bring one stuffy and blanket to our picnic.

I wish you a restful weekend!
Tuesday – we began our day with specials and then after recess we wrote in our writers portfolios. Our prompt was “My favorite memory from the class play was…”



In the afternoon I continued to work on assessing all of the learners to prepare for our end of year report cards.
Wednesday – we had math tiles and our letter of the week story – u. Please ask your learners about the “underlings.” Then we had garden time and music. During garden time we finished our potato observation journals.
Thursday – we began our day with four PLP’s and a special visit from Ron. He read them a book in preparation for our Teddy Picnic on Monday.


Then we had cooking with Kristin and Niall. They planned a special end of year cooking project that involved decorating pretzels with lots of yummy treats. As you can imagine the children LOVED this cooking project.




I also read the children the book titled “The Legend of the Teddy Bear.” Please ask your child how President Roosevelt helped to make Teddy Bears such legends in the US.