Dear Families,
I wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. I am looking forward to a special weekend with Ron and our three children. Tomorrow is Nolan’s 22nd birthday, we are taking BART over to Berkeley to take Nolan out to dinner. Then on Sunday the five of us will be back in Berkeley again for a special dinner together for Mother’s Day. Ron asked me last night what I would like to do for Mother’s Day and I said all that matters to me is that the five of us can be together. I treasure the times we are all together now in a way that is so different then when our children were young.
1. Sharing is cancelled until after the class play. Since we rehearse three days a week from 11:15 to 12:00, we do not have enough time for sharing each day.

2. Please use the doodle link below to sign-up for your child’s PLP. PLP’s are required for first graders and optional for kinders. I sent out a detailed e-mail about PLP’s on Monday 4/28.
Here is the link:

3. Class Play performance for families and friends – Wednesday, May 21 at 6:30pm. Please sign-up to bring an item for the Cast Party at the potluck link below:

Monday – we started our day with library time and then we had our weekly slingerland lesson. The uppercase letters for this week were T, F, I, and J. Then we left for our field trip to the San Francisco Symphony. I blogged about our adventure on Monday evening.
Wednesday – we began our day with class play practice in the old gym. The children are learning their lines and the rehearsals are coming along. After recess we had our letter of the week story about the letter s. Please ask your learner about the snake who slithered through the grass in the shape of an s. Then we had music and we ended our day with May calendars. This week we also spent time each day reading picture books about honoring and celebrating our mom for Mother’s Day. Our morning meeting questions were about how much we love and care for our moms. I enjoyed hearing all of the stories about how much your precious children love and cherish their moms.
Thursday – We began our day with writing our reflection pieces about our FT to the San Francisco Symphony. Then we had spanish and recess. After recess was cooking – the kinders made yummy wholewheat tortilla roll-ups with veggies, cream cheese, and other tasty items. Then we had another successful class play practice.
This week as a class we continued with our unit on learning how to write an opinion piece. We had fun doing an interactive writing project this week and the topic was to persuade Hazel and Ginger to want to have burritos for lunch. The story the children created was so precious that I wanted to share it with you, here it is:

Burritos are yummy!
Burritos are amazing because they are filled with donuts. They can also be filled with sprinkles, dog treats, chocolate chips, steak bones, and juicy meat. The reason they taste delicious is because they are filled with humans food. They are so delicious that it will make you drool. The burritos will be made by your best friends in room 10. They will taste good in your mouth. You can even sit at the kitchen table to eat your burrito, and it is okay to make a big mess.
Over the last four weeks of school we will be re-assessing all of the learning in reading, writing, and math to collect the documentation we will use for the final reports cards for the 2013/14 school year. And on that note it is hard to believe that the school year is almost over. I am looking forward to sharing these last four weeks of school with your precious children!