Dear Families,
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Nolan will be coming this weekend for his week-long spring break from CAL.  I am really looking forward to having him home and sharing family meals together.  He already asked me to make his favorite meal for Saturday night and of course his favorite dessert, my homemade apple pie.  I am looking forward to baking his pie tomorrow afternoon.  
On Sunday we will celebrate my nieces 7th birthday at my sister’s house in Menlo Park.
See you all next week!
1.  Sharing topic for the week of 3/24 – Something about spring time
2.  Please register for Mini Hike For A Cure by Monday 3/24 if you would like the special Mini H4AC t-shirt designed by Dylan.  Hikers can continue to register for the hike until 4/4, but after 3/24 you cannot purchase a t-shirt.  Here is the link to register: 
Monday – Our lesson on Community was titled learning about the different types of homes that we all live in. The learners discussed the different types of homes people live in and then they each drew a detailed picture of their house.  The pictures are now hung up in our room on two posters.  While half the class had social studies with the parent volunteers in Educare the other half had Slingerland handwriting time.  This week we learned/reviewed all of the lowercase letters we have learned this year and I taught them the letters y and v.  After recess we had spanish, and writers workshop.  This week we started the process of writing down four facts about our non-fiction book topics.  By Thursday all of the learners had written down at least two facts about their topics.  


Wednesday –  we had math tiles and our letter of the week story.  Our letter this week was “o.”  Please ask your child about how Lauren met Opal, who gave her back the gemstone / birthstone that Lauren had been missing.    After recess we had garden time. I sent you a blog update about garden time on Wednesday.  The potato and celery prints are now hung up in our classroom.  Then we wrote in writers portfolios and we wrote to the prompt “If I caught a leprechaun I would…”  The children were so excited to write about this topic.  They all wrote very detailed and exciting stories.
Thursday – We began our day with writers workshop and continued the process of writing more facts about our non-fiction book topics  Then we had spanish and recess.  After recess was our cooking and slingerland review lesson.  This week the kinders graders made the delicious homemade irish soda bread that the first graders made last week.  Then the children had PE.
First Grade Language Arts time
Now that the report cards and assessments are completed, we formed our new guided reading groups which began on Monday. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, we start guided reading time each day with a mini lesson that meets the needs of the current learners in each group.  I currently have three guided reading groups.  Here is a list of some of the items each group learned about:

  • we paid close attention to word endings  – s, ed, and ing
  • we discussed how to make good predictions while reading a story 
  • we learned that it is important to pay close attention to punctuation when we are reading a story out loud 
  • we worked on sight words that the group had a hard time remembering – could, would, what, where, and why

Math in Room 10
This week in math we continued with our theme on reviewing our math strategies for adding up two-digit numbers more efficiently.  We also worked on our place value understanding.  We engaged in several activities to help them understand how many sets of ten are in a number such as 50, 80, and even 160.  Yesterday we had a lesson that involved building numbers on a place value holder.  Each child had their own place value holder for his/her numbers.  I would tell the learners a number and then they had to build the number and show me which column it belonged in, ones, tens, or hundreds.  They kept asking me for harder and bigger numbers, I love to see them so excited and engaged in math activities.