In centers the last two Fridays we have been continuing our focus on measurement. Activities have included measuring each other with varying units (including unsharpened pencils, index cards, cubes and pens), measuring things around the room with cubes and finding the area of traced cut-outs of our feet. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early by each graphing a handful of Lucky Charms cereal. First they had to classify the pieces by shape, then they represented and interpreted the data.

photo 5 photo 1photo 4 photo 2

For art we celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday last week by making sculpture versions of the truffula trees from The Lorax. The first step was to look at a variety of Dr. Seuss books to talk about his artistic style. We came up with a list of “describing words” that define his art (kooky, bright, colorful, swirly, not-real, fantasy, interesting, etc…).Then using clay as a base and pipe cleaners and pom poms for the trees, we made our very own Truffula trees. Some learners chose to have theirs chopped down, just like in the book!

xphoto 5 xphoto 3 photo 4 photo 2

Yesterday we spent art time making leprechaun traps for St. Patrick’s Day. A big thank you to everyone who donated recycled materials! We had some very elaborate creations as you can see by the attached wonderful pictures taken by Amy Chin. Thank you Amy!