Dear Families,

I wish you all a peaceful weekend.  After move night tonight I plan to rest and enjoy the incredible weather this weekend.  Ron and I plan to take along run on Sunday in Half Moon Bay.  I look forward to seeing your learners on Monday morning, which will be exciting because it is St. Patrick’s Day!
Sharing topic the week of March 17 – something green or a special shamrock / leprechaun

Tuesday –  we began our fifth session of our fourth round of the K/1 Specials which is the same program that was formerly called seminars.  This year each child will rotate through all seven K-1 Specials.  The K/1 Specials will each last four weeks and we will have seven sessions from now until June.  The topics this year are: Mindfulness, Math in Art, Robotics, Handwork, Earth Science, Take a Part, and Archeology.  After specials we had recess and writers workshop.  Our lesson for writers workshop was choosing our non-fiction book topics.  I sent a blog update on Tuesday with the topics for your learners.  Next week we will begin the process of writing down four facts about our topics.
Wednesday –  we had math tiles and our letter of the week story.  Our letter this week was “n.”  Please ask your child about how Rumkini saw the “nixies of the night” in the night sky.  It was a wonderful story and it certainly captured their attention.  After recess we had garden time. I sent you a blog update about garden time on Wednesday.  We planted potatoes and it was certainly a fun lesson and activity.  Then we had music and an all school assembly.  For the assembly it was run by the spanish educators and the 5/6 grade learners who read the children a book in spanish.  
Thursday – As you know we began our day with a very special visit from Stella please make sure you read my blog update about the special chicken she brought to share with our class.  Then we had spanish and recess.  After recess was our cooking and slingerland review lesson.  The first graders made delicious homemade irish soda bread that we all enjoyed after lunch.  After lunch for readers workshop I read the learners a wonderful book called “St. Patrick’s Day on Acorn Hill.”  After I read them the story they each wrote about the beginning, middle, and end.  Then we all enjoyed the yummy bread.
First Grade Language Arts time
Now that the report cards and assessments are completed we will be forming new guided reading groups which will start on Monday. During language arts time this week the learners moved through centers that worked on their sight words, phonics, independent reading/writing, and the listening center.  Our phonics lessons this week worked on practicing the consonant sounds: W, H, J, K, V and the short vowel sounds a, i, and o.
Math in Room 10
This week in math we concentrated on reviewing our math strategies for adding up two-digit numbers more efficiently.  I noticed during our unit on money and also during our math lessons that they needed to work on strategies for adding up two-digit numbers more quickly.  We had some lively number talks on how to add numbers like 35 + 30 more efficiently.  It was exciting for me to see how comfortable they have become in sharing their strategies out loud with their peers.  The children were eagerly raising their hands and excited to come up to the whiteboard to share their strategies. We decided as a class that the most efficiently was to turn the 35 to a friendly number “30” and then we knew that 30 plus 30 is 6 sets of ten which they could easily add up and knew it was 60. Then they had to remember to go back and add 5 to 60 and then they knew that 35 + 30 = 65.