This morning we had a very special visitor, Stella a current 5th grader at CLC and her chicken named “Sugar.” Sugar is quite special to the current 1st graders because she hatched in our classroom last year during our unit on Life Cycles. Last spring during our science unit on Life Cycles we had an incubator in our classroom with seven chicken eggs. Five of the eggs hatched and lived in our classroom until the last day of school. Then the chickens went to live at Stella’s house. As a surprise Stella brought Sugar to school today for the learners to meet her again. The kinders were also very excited to meet her and asked when they get to have chickens live in our classroom. I shared that they will get to have chickens next year when we learn about the life cycle of a chicken.

Stella gave the learners a wonderful lesson on how Sugar lives and what she eats etc… Then each learner came up one at a time to pet Sugar. It was a very special morning.

For cooking today the first graders made delicious homemade Irish Soda Bread. Our classroom smells like a lovely bakery! Thank you to Kristin and Niall for providing the learners with such wonderful cooking projects each week. While the bread baked Niall read the learners a wonderful story about St. Patrick’s Day.