We had a lovely Valentine’s Day today.  We started with the last day of Post Office. It was so fun to see them work so hard, now experts at the process. This unit is not only fun, but great practice for alphabetizing skills, multiplication (“if I have 6 envelopes and stamps are 5 cents each, how much money from the bank do I need?”), coin recognition, collaborative play and so much more.

Later in the day we had our Tea Party. Many thanks to everyone who brought the delicious food and drink for our celebration. The learners ripped through their envelopes, but were instructed to take a quick pause after each one to thank the card maker with a detailed appreciation of the card. Overheard comments included: “Your handwriting is so neat on here. How’d you do that?” and “You’re a good friend to me too.”  Below are some pictures from Amy Chin who really captured the smiles and friendship of the day. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!