On Friday we focused our day on coins. In the morning we played Coin Match-up where learners were given cards with specific coins on them and had to find its value. We also played a coin game where they tossed five coins, recorded heads and tails and came up with the number sentence to correspond with what they tossed. Lastly we made coin books that told a little bit about each coin, traced the name of each coin and then figured out the value of certain amounts of each coin (for example 2 nickels or 5 dimes).

For art we continued with our 3D art by creating sculptures out of construction paper strips. The projects gave us a chance to discover the differences between folding, curling, rolling, bending, layering, twisting, crumpling and more!

Today (Tuesday) we continued our coin study with a heads and tails probability activity. Each learner predicted if they’d throw more heads or tails and then tossed a penny 10 times, then recorded and tallied their results.

We also read the book President’s Day about the many achievements of past American presidents, not just Lincoln and Washington. Then the learners wrote about one thing they would do if they were president. The creative answers included: “I would make airplane rides free.” “I would clean up the parks.” “I would make it so there are only guns for police.” And, “I would put a huge water slide in the White House.” 🙂

In the afternoons of both days, first graders focused on the letter J in our phonics program and continued our review of the short vowel sounds. We also talked about the various coin combinations for specific amounts. For example, what are the coin combinations for 27 cents?

Today we ended the day with Abe Lincoln Crosses A Creek a story about Lincoln’s childhood friend who changes history when rescuing his friend. We had an interesting discussion about the author’s style and how she peppers the story with sound effects, questions aimed at the reader and other story interruptions to make for a more interesting story.

Enjoy these pictures from our coin activities, paper sculptures and vowel sort activity.