This morning we had a lovely lesson in the garden about the evolution of The White House garden in Washington DC. I felt learning about the White Garden during February was perfect since we are celebrating President Lincoln and President Washington’s birthdays this month. I began reading them an amazing book titled “First Garden – The White House Garden” by Robbin Gourley. The book teaches the children about the history and construction of the White House, and then it moves onto when the first garden was planted at the White House. The first garden planted at the White House was in 1800 and it was planted by President John Adams to feed the first family. We also learned about Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory Garden which was planted during WW II. I plan to finish the book next week and after break we will cook and prepare one of the recipes from the book. The last part of the book is filled with recipes from our First Lady Michelle Obama. I think I enjoyed reading the book to the learners this morning just as much as they enjoyed listening to me read to them.