Today we celebrated the 100th day of school. It was a very busy and very productive day! We started with some centers. Learners made crowns, decorating them with 100 stickers or 100 little marks, or a combination of the two. They also were given a bowl of 100 legos and tasked with building something with all 100 of them. The third center was to build a snack mix with 100 items. Learners used Ten Frames to count out ten items of ten different snacks. Ten Frames are a great way to organize objects by tens, reinforcing the important place value concept of our base-ten number system.

After recess we read Wolf’s Chicken Stew, a book about a wolf who is trying to fatten up a chicken by making various treats in groups of 100. Little does he know he’s actually feeding the chicken’s 100 chicks. After reading the story we went on a hunt for 100 chicks (or little  pieces of paper with pictures of chicks and the numbers 1 to 100 on them) around the room.  Then the learners worked together to put the chicks in order from 1 to 100. We only missed two of the 100 chicks!

During first grade time we worked on our estimation skills by looking at groups of items and deciding if it was greater than 100, less than 100 or equal to 100. We then counted our items in a variety of ways (grouping in fives, tens, etc…) We also worked on figuring out how many away from 100 our number was, a beginning algebraic concept (89+x=100).

Below are some pictures from our 100th Day. Also included are some pictures from some 100 activities we did on Tuesday. One is a math game we played with a 100 chart called Roll to 100. Learners take turns rolling a die and coloring in that many squares.  It was interesting to walk around and see the different strategies used depending on their level of understanding. For some learners the game was practice counting the dots on the dice and coloring that many squares with 1:1 correspondence, for others they used addition to add onto the square they were on. (For example, if they rolled a 6 and were on the number 34 that they knew to color up to 40.)

There are also some pictures from our first grade time in which learners played a math game called Add 11. This game builds on our work around adding 1 and added 10. And there are pictures showing our phonics time in which learners did an ending sound picture sort with a partner. And a few from choice time. Enjoy!