On Friday we started the day with an important artistic lesson: sometimes art materials don’t work the way you want them to…and that’s all part of the process! I handed back our “bronze sculptures” and we noticed how the black paint had cracked in many areas of the sculptures. (Next time we won’t use super old tempera paint!) The kids were perfectly happy with their creations so we began the process of titling our work. We gave our works creative titles that help the viewer imagine what we were thinking of when making the art. The collection — including “The Scary Rattler in the Desert,” “The Cave in the Moonlight,” “The Arrow Pointing to the North,” “The Magic Ball #1” and more – will be on display on the beautiful gallery space of the classroom windowsill for the next few days 🙂

In the morning we also reviewed symmetry by making symmetrical snowflake shapes with pattern blocks and played an addition game called Clear the Board where learners place cubes on a 2-12 grid and then take the cubes away as they roll the dice.

In art we continued our discussion about sculpture by looking at the glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly. We watched a video of Dale blowing glass and looked at many examples of his work, specifically his “macchia” series of glass bowls. Then we created our own, but with coffee filters, markers and spray starch, instead of molten glass!  Some images of our bowls are below.

During first grade time we did some new activities with our place value popsicle sticks. We built the highest number and lowest number, built numbers and compared them with our neighbors and tried to come up with all the combinations depending on how many sticks we had.

In our phonics program we learned about the “short i” sound. We made a list of words starting with I and sorted them by short and long sounds. We then did some activities comparing the short a, short o and short i sounds. Even advanced readers and writers often have difficulty distinguishing vowel sounds. In our guided reading groups, one of our activities was listening for the short i sound as we read our stories.