Dear Families,
I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Anton has his first dance at Carlmont High School this Saturday night. It has been special getting him ready for his first formal dance in HS. The rest of our weekend will be calm, Ron and I plan to go running on Sunday maybe in HMB again.
I look forward to seeing your children on Monday!
1. As a reminder please continue to help your learner with making his/her Valentine cards for our Post Office Unit. I have sent out several e-mails regarding the post office unit beginning on January 13.
Here is the Post Office Homework Quick Recap:
• Please have your child make 21 homemade valentine’s for each learner in the classroom.
• Each Valentine needs to be signed by the sender.
• Please put each valentine in an envelope with an address label in the correct position and have your child hand-write the recipients name on the envelope above their address label
• The Valentine’s have to be completed and at school by Monday, February 10 for our Post Office Unit.
• Bring ‘stamps’ in as you collect them
• Bring in a shoe box by Thursday 2/6

2. Sharing topic for the week of 1/27 – Something from home about our unit of study on Community
Tuesday – we had our third session of our third round of the K/1 Specials which is the same program that was formerly called seminars. This year each child will rotate through all seven K-1 Specials. The K/1 Specials will each last four weeks and we will have seven sessions from now until June. The topics this year are: Mindfulness, Math in Art, Robotics, Handwork, Earth Science, Take a Part, and Archeology. Then we had writers workshop and read the book “Snowflake Bentley.” During the story we made a list of the different forms of punctuation in the story. After writers workshop they had free choice and math time. For math they played a math game to work on their math facts to 20. The game involved rolling two dice adding the numbers up and moving their chip forward if the number they had added was on the next spot on the game board. This type of game gives the learner practice with their strategies,  efficiency and math facts.
Wednesday – we had math tiles and our final lesson about Martin Luther King. We wrote in our writers portfolios to the prompt: “I have a dream…” After recess we had garden time and music. During garden time the learners each drew their self-portraits and I met with half the class to type up their personal seed stories. The children had to finish the three sentences below:
I am the ___________ seed.
I travel by _____________.
I am the color ___________.
Thursday – we had our field trip to the Belmont Library which I sent photos of earlier today. As a reminder we are going to many places in our community as part of our social studies unit of study on Communities. We have been to the fire station, police station, library, and we will go to the post office in two weeks. Here are the unit concepts that I sent out a few weeks ago about our unit of study on Community.
Enduring Understandings:
A community is a group of people that come together for a shared purpose
A community relies on different people to fulfill different roles (post office, fire department, police station etcetera)
Each person brings something unique to the community

Essential Questions:
What is a community?
What are the different roles of community members?
What are different types of communities?
What are things we can do to contribute to our community?

Who are people in our community?
Fireman, policeman, postal worker, Librarian, Nurse, Doctor, Trash Collector, Teachers, Volunteers, Veterinarians
What is a neighborhood?
Other types of communities
Ways we contribute to our community
First Grade Language Arts time
We began our new guided reading groups. As I explained earlier in the year, our reading groups change often as the learners progress to different reading levels during the school year. We always make sure they are in a reading group that is at the appropriate level to challenge them and move them forward in their reading ability. Currently we have three guided reading groups that Katie or I meet with each afternoon. When we are meeting with them for small group instruction, we start with a mini lesson that meets the needs of the current learners in each group. After the lesson each group reads out loud to us. For example this week in the different groups we worked on:

  • paying attention to punctuation as we are reading out loud
  • learning about the “wh” sound and “wh” words – who, what, where, why, and when
  • practicing and learning new sight words – would, could, and should

Math in Room 10
Our number talks continued to revolve around adding two-digit numbers. We had more lessons using base ten blocks which as I have shared over the past few weeks are a wonderful way for the learners to experience addition visually and physically. The attached photos show how the learners first built the numbers 95 and 86, and then how they added them together on the place value chart. The children were quite excited when they realized we were adding such large two-digit numbers.