On Monday we played a fun math game to work on our math facts to 20. We used special dice that went up to 12. Each learner would roll two dice and add up the two numbers to cover a bingo board. Enjoy the attached photos.

We have also been reading several books about Martin Luther King Jr. We have had class discussions on who is MLK and why is he such an important person. Here is a list of some of what the learners shared during our class meeting today:
– Martin Luther King used kind words to solve problems
– he freed all black people
– he helped to have the laws changed, so all people could go the movies, visit parks, and sit freely on the bus
– he gave people freedom
– he was born on January 15
– he was named after his father
– he is famous for his “I have a dream” speech
– he taught everyone how important it is to love all people