This morning my precious son Nolan came to read a story to the learners. The learners were beyond excited to meet Nolan. I will often tell them stories about him, so when he met us in Educare they all said “we know who you are – you are Nolan Colleen’s older son.”

Nolan will begin his final semester at CAL in two weeks. It is hard to believe that my second child will be graduating from college in May.

Nolan read them the book “The Three Snow Bears” and the learners truly enjoyed this story. Nolan changed the names in the book to Ginger, Hazel, and Sugar (one of the dogs from his childhood) and he did it in a way quite similar to the way that Ron does when he reads to them. So needless to say they were fully engaged and listening to every word in the story. I will post some photos of his visit. And as it turns out it was quite nice to have his visit today with all of the excitement and disruption caused by the rats.