Today we started our day with three centers. One was a game called Left Right Center in which learners roll special dice and have to pass tokens to the left or right or into the pot in the center depending on what they roll. It is a fun practice in basic math and directionality. In another center they created graphs according to the shapes of small gingerbread cookies they received. In the last center learners finished a book we created for Colleen as a holiday gift. Working off a list of things we love about Colleen that we had brainstormed last week, we created an alphabet book about Colleen. Each child was given a page to illustrate. Some examples were D is for her dogs Hazel and Ginger, E is for easy because “When Colleen teaches you to read, it’s easy,” H is for Hike for a Cure, and “S is for Strict – but only when she has to be” 🙂 For art we worked on some warm color/cool color winter landscapes that we will finish next week.  

During first-grade time the learners worked on Guided Reading and some phonics games, one a rhyming game of simple word families, the other a vowel bingo game. At the end of the day the learners gave me my wonderful holiday present: a gift card to my favorite store Anthropologie and a chocolate bundt cake. I’ve already had three pieces and reluctantly shared it with my family who responded with, and I quote, “This is the best cake ever!” and “We need to have this cake for my next birthday!” Thank you all for the gifts. I feel so incredibly grateful to work with Colleen in a class of such amazing children!