Well, it didn’t officially snow at school on Friday, but it certainly felt cold enough!  We started our day with a few snow-related math centers, one in which they made symmetrical snowflakes out of pattern block shapes and then counted and recorded how many of each shape they included in their flake. The other center was a game called Skating Friends Bump in which learners rolled two dice, added them together, added one to the sum, and then found it on the gameboard.

For art we talked about perspective. First we looked at three different van Gogh portraits, one a profile, the other a frontal view, and the third a three-quarters view. We talked about the differences and we then made our own 3/4 portraits, but not of people….of snowmen! It was challenging for the learners to think about how one might draw a snowman in a different perspective than the traditional front view of a snowman, with three stacked circles. But after much discussion, a lot of hard work and a fair bit of erasing, we made some fantastic snowmen! This lesson also explores ways to show when things are close and how to show they are far, using scale and color. We also looked at Snowmen at Night to see all the different perspectives of all the different snowmen throughout the book.

After lunch first graders read Dunderheads Behind Bars a fun story that is a sequel to The Dunderheads, which I read to them on Tuesday. These books are not only great stories, but perfect for practicing our inferring skills. Much of the plot is either not directly spelled out in the text or it is explained through the pictures, so we put our inferring skills to the test in order to figure out what was going on in the story. We also enjoyed Guided Reading and the introduction of the letter D in our phonics program.

Here are some pictures from our day: