Writers Workshop Unit of Study for the month of December:  How to make illustrations match the stories we write
In this unit we will read many picture books with wonderful illustrations that add “words” and ideas to the story.  We will look at different illustrators and gather ideas from their work.  We will look at the books we have made to see if we can add more information to our stories with pictures and/or more sentences.  We will also discuss how important it is that our pictures match our words/stories.

Social Studies Unit of Study: Community  December to March
Learners will discuss and give examples of the different communities they are a part of. They will determine the different public services that make up our community and visit several. They will investigate ways that they can make a difference in their communities via a community service project. 

Unit Concepts:

  • What is community? –  classroom, school, neighborhood, and world community
  • What is a neighborhood?
  • What are the different kinds of homes that people live in throughout the world?
  • Who are our community helpers and what roles do they play?
  • What is community service?
  • What is a map and how is it used? 
Readers Workshop Unit of Study: December –  Readers think and talk about books to develop ideas
        Readers will learn:
  • how to retell story
  • how to envision, predict, and make connections with books
  • how to monitor comprehension
  • how to work on comprehension challenges

Unit of Study in Math – November/December:  Number and Operations in Base Ten –  First Grade
We study and learn how to count and write our numbers up 120.  We will begin to work on understanding place value up to 100.  We will also study how to compare numbers using the less than, more than, and equals symbols.  Then we will move onto learning how to add within 100 including two-digit numbers.

Unit of Study in Math – November/December: Counting and Cardinality – Kindergarten
We will begin to learn how to count to 100 by ones and tens.  We will also begin to learn how to write our numbers from 0 to 20. This will also include learning how to count and tell the number of objects within a group.  Then we will start to explore how to compare numbers.  Please note that we will continue to work on these concepts throughout year in all areas of mathematics.