Dear Families,
I am really looking forward to our Thanksgiving Break, I plan to take several long runs and complete several projects around the house.  Nolan will be coming home for Thanksgiving on Wednesday afternoon.  I am looking forward to having the five of us all together again for a few days. We plan to go to my dad’s house for dinner on Thursday, and then we also plan to have a special “family day” on Friday.  For me just having all of us under one roof is such a precious gift and I am really looking forward to the house being filled with our kids.  I wish you all a very peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving!
At Thanksgiving I like to take the time to thank all of you for supporting us in the classroom.  
Thank you for:
* Preparing such wonderful snacks for us to enjoy each day
* Leading the children in our weekly math, science/social studies, language arts, and cooking centers 
* Cleaning the classroom, cooking area, organizing the library, and dress-up center
* Helping me with various classroom jobs such as making copies or simply organizing papers
* Leading a K/1 Special class each week
* Taking care of Samantha
Always saying yes every-time I have a request for yet another volunteer classroom job

I want you to know how grateful I feel to work with your children each day.  I know I am  blessed to have a job that is my true passion in life, and also one that provides me with many opportunities to grow and learn.  

Thank you for entrusting your children to me each day.  The children and I are so very grateful for all of the time, energy, and positive support that you give to us.

Happy Thanksgiving!
1.  CLC Winter Celebration is Friday 12/20 at 10:30am.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Our class will be starting the show with our annual Swedish Santa Lucia Festival of Lights celebration.   I need a parent volunteer to buy the white shirts and red ribbon for the girls to wear around their waist.  This volunteer job involves going to Target or Old Navy and purchasing white cotton t-shirts that the girls will wear for the performance.  We will be asking for a donation to cover the cost of the t-shirts.  The girls can keep the outfit after the show.  The girls will also need to wear white tights. 

The boys will wear a white button down collared shirt with khaki colored pants.  Please send in your son’s white shirt by Monday 12/16 because we will have a few rehearsals before our performance on Friday 12/20. 

We need to know if your child will not be at school on Friday, December 20 so we can plan accordingly. We have special plans for our last day on 12/20, it will really help to know in advance if your child will be out of town.

2.  If you would like to share a special holiday tradition with our class please let me know ASAP!  I believe it is special to have parents or grandparents to come and share how they celebrate their family holiday traditions during the month of December. 
Monday Science Center Time
We had our follow-up science lesson on ”Composting.”  The learners dug up the items that we buried a few weeks ago – bottle caps, plastic spoons, newspaper pieces, banana peels , and apple cores.  They wrote down their observations –  which were to see what had changed and/or stayed the same.  While half the class had science with the parent volunteers in Educare the other half had Slingerland handwriting time with me.  This week we learned/reviewed s, g, k,h, l, c, b, and a.
Tuesday Cooking and Writers Workshop
The Kinders made lemonade during cooking time – flavored with raspberries, blueberries, and peaches.  We also had writers workshop and continued to work-on our personal narratives.  The learners used graphic organizers to draw pictures and write words about the beginning, middle, and endings of their small moments.  I was also able to meet with several learners through-out the week to help them begin the next step, learning how to edit their stories. 
Wednesday Center Time
On Wednesday we had math tiles with our parent volunteers.   Math Tiles is a math activity that allows each child to work at their own pace.  They work on different math concepts that involve solving problems/equations which begins with counting and moves onto addition, subtraction, and eventually multiplication and division.  While half the class had math tiles the other half continued to work on their personal narratives.  I was able to continue conferencing with several learners to help them edit their stories.

Garden Time 
I sent photos and a garden time update on Wednesday evening.  Please refer to my earlier blog for that update.

The 5th and 6th grade had an all school assembly to share about their milestone experience – The Mosaic Project.  
Thursday – Our Thanksgiving Feast
Thank you for your support with our Thanksgiving Feast!  It was a special celebration, the learners all sat together at our very long table for roughly an hour.  We began our feast with each of them sharing something that they are thankful for…  I also went around the entire table and told each of the learners something that I appreciated about them individually.  This is one of my favorite celebrations with the learners, there is something quite precious/magical to hear all of them share what they feel thankful for.  
First Grade Language Arts time
We started our new guided reading groups this week which includes: small group guided reading instruction, phonics lessons, and writing time.  During our phonics time we have learned how to stretch out the sounds we hear in our words when we are spelling.  So far this year we have learned the following sounds: M, S, F, B, T, C, R, L, and the short vowel sound a.